Travel Guide NABIRE


Nabire is a district in Papua Province with Nabire City as the capital.nabire is known as the second-biggest producer of coffee after Jayawijaya district. It's also known as City of Orange. As many areas in Papua, Nabireis has also great potential of sea riched. This fsct is supported by Cendrawasih Bay National Sea-Park in Nabire.

NABIRE History

There are many versions of the history of Nabire. One of them is Yerisyam tribe's version stated that Nabire came from Navire which means abandoned area. The word "œNavire" was pronounced when a peace party was held between Hegure and Yerisyam tribe. Then Navire has changed into Nabire. Another version of Yerisyam tribe stated that Nabire came from the word Na Wyere which means lost area. This version was related to a disease plague resulting many of the residents moved away and left the area. Then from time to time the word Na Wyere has been changed into Nabire.

Things to see

Nabire district is known as the City of Monument for there are any monuments you can find in Nabire. You can see many kinds of monuments at the central of Nabire such as Roket, Jam, Pattimura Monument and many more. You can also go to tourism-based traditional market with its motto "œBerbelanja dan Berwisata Pertama di Nabire" (first shopping and tour in Nabire). Another spot you don't want to miss is Nusi Beach Tourism Park. In this spot you can find the blend of beach, forest and waterfall becoming one unite beauty.

Things to do

When you visit Nusi Beach Tourism Park, you can snorkel or scuba dive to find out the fascinating underwater. You can also explore tropical or mangrove forest you can find in Anggrameos Island at Cendrawasih Bay. There are still many things you can do while you are in Nabire.

Things to eat

The typical food of Nabire is like another typical food you can find in many areas of Papua such as kastela and petatas made of tubers. Both foods are usually cooked simply such as roasted or steamed using pile of hot rocks. While you're in Nabire, don't forget to taste some coffee and oranges typically from Nabire for Nabire is well-known as the producer of both commodity.

Getting to NABIRE

Flying to NABIRE: NABIRE is served by Nabire Airport. Nabire Airport is located about 1 km from NABIRE. Read more about Nabire Airport or look for flights to NABIRE