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Timika is the capital of Mimika district, Papua Province. In this city, there's a big mining company company from United States. It's Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. Though there's a mining company, Timika still has beautiful nature you can visit while you're in Timika.

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TIMIKA History

At first, Mimika was one sub-district in Fak Fak district. Until the law in 1999 legitimated Mimika as an autonomous district with its capital in Timika.

Things to see

You can see the panorama of Mayon River, Kali Iwaka (Iwaka River), and SP5 River. You can also go around to se fascinating Kuala Kencana, a city in a city, offering millions of beautiful enchantment. If you want to see any form of traditional culture like custom house, cultural ceremony and traditional art, you can come to Baliem Valley lived by Dani tribe.

Things to do

You can please your hobby of photography by taking some pictures of various flora and fauna you can find at Lorentz National Park. If you feel seeking some challenge, come and hike Mount Jayawijaya where the Top Jaya is still covered beautiful glacier.

Things to eat

In some places in Papua, including Timika, Petatas (sweet potato) and calladium are easy kinds of food easy to find. Papeda, a typical food originally from Papua made of sago, you can also find in Timika. Try also delicacy of kepiting hitam bumbu kari (black crab curry seasoning) which will surely tempt your appetite.

Getting to TIMIKA

Flying to TIMIKA: TIMIKA is served by Mozes Kilangin Airport. Mozes Kilangin Airport is located about 4 km north from TIMIKA. Read more about Mozes Kilangin Airport or look for flights to TIMIKA

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